Thoughtfully hooded giving to charity

Giving To Charity

Hooded™ is proud to partner with Hope for Two, The Pregnant with Cancer Network, an organization that is dear to Lindsey’s heart.

Lindsey was nearly three months pregnant with Austin when she received the diagnosis; thyroid cancer. She'll never forget that first call from her doctor, telling her the biopsy came positive, and that they would have to discuss the next steps. She was just 36-years-old, pregnant with her second child, and diagnosed with cancer. She was terrified.

While Lindsey's pregnancy and bout with this disease was not easy, unfortunately it is not entirely uncommon.

According to Hope for Two, 1 in 1,000 pregnancies are complicated by cancer in the United States each year. That is approximately 4,000 pregnancies per year in the U.S. In all honesty, Lindsey had no idea women were diagnosed with cancer while pregnant until she became one of them. Hope for Two offers free support for women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. They connect women who are currently pregnant with other women who have experienced a similar cancer diagnoses and serves women in all socio-economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds worldwide.

Since its inception in 1997, Hope for Two has counselled over 1,600 women worldwide. They physically connect approximately 130 women per year. And approximately 80% of its members undergo chemotherapy while pregnant.

Lindsey is passionate about supporting a cause that is dear to her heart while acknowledging the journey she and her baby fought together. For every shirt purchased, Thoughtfully Hooded will give back to Hope for Two and support its mission that no pregnant woman should go through cancer alone.

Visit The Charity here