Children wearing Thoughtfully Hooded Clothing


Hi, I'm Lindsey, and as the mother of two young children, I understand the need for stylish yet functional children’s clothing.


While pregnant with my second child, Austin, I filled his closet with cute baby clothes and realized I love pieces with hoods.

Maybe it was a boy thing, but even at only 3 months old, I found myself regularly dressing him in adorable hoodies. I felt uneasy, however, every time I put him in the car seat as there was so much fabric behind his little head pushing his head forward. I was further alarmed during nap-time. I constantly wondered; “Can he possibly sleep with all that extra fabric? What if he turns his head and he’s breathing into the hood? What if it twists around his neck?"

And then one day it hit me: 

There should be a cute line of children’s clothes where the hoods snap on and off with easily removable hoods. 

I pictured it clearly: You go in the car; you unsnap the hood.  You arrive at music class; you snap it back on.  You unsnap it at nap-time, and you snap it back on when you meet your neighbors at the park.  I knew the shirts should be fashionable both with and without the hood, so the attachment point would be hidden, creating a hooded and unhooded look. The snaps also couldn’t touch the baby’s skin. And still,  how amazing would it be if the pieces were interchangeable, creating two or three or four looks from just one shirt by simply changing the hood?  After receiving positive feedback and a “This sounds amazing, do it” from my husband, Thoughtfully Hooded™ was born.  

After months of hard work, this little vision has come to life and I could not be more thrilled (and truly humbled) to share it with you. Thoughtfully designed in San Diego: Thoughtfully Hooded, where children’s fashion meets function.


Thoughtfully Yours,