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Dress Up Your Little One with Our Austin Button-Down Plaid Shirt

In need of a stylish shirt for your little one? Look no further than the Austin Button-Down Plaid Shirt, available in a plethora of eye-catching colors! This shirt is perfect for any toddler who wants to make a fashion statement while still being comfortable. Whether they're playing at the park or attending a family gathering, this shirt will have them looking their best. Plus, with the convenience of a button-down front, dressing and undressing your little one has never been easier! Add some color to your child's wardrobe with the Austin Button-Down Plaid Shirt!

Austin Button-Down Plaid Shirt

Classic Button-Down Style

Our Austin Button-Down Plaid Shirt is a playful take on the classic button-down shirt. The body of the shirt is made of a vibrant plaid fabric, and the sleeves can be rolled up to reveal a contrasting gingham print. This shirt is perfect for your little one to look smart and stylish.

Removable Hoods For Extra Safety

Detachable Hoods

Our Austin Shirt also comes with two detachable jersey hoods. The 'Light Blue and Yellow' Austin comes with a vibrant yellow hood and a playful red hood, while the 'Navy Plaid' Austin comes with a classic heather gray hood and a navy-blue hood. The 'Yellow Plaid' Austin comes with olive and yellow hoods, and the 'Brown Plaid' Austin comes with brown and red hoods.

Gentle on your child's skin

Soft Collar

We know how important comfort is for your little ones, so we have included a soft collar between the hidden snaps and your child’s skin. The body of the shirt is 100% cotton, and the hoods are made of 80% polyester, 15% rayon, and 5% spandex. The Austin Button-Down Plaid Shirt is also machine washable and tumble dry low.